Lab on Wheels in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On June 2nd, the city of Mostar hosted the "Lab on Wheels," a mobile laboratory of technology and robotics. This remarkable laboratory, which is the largest of its kind globally, is housed within a specially designed truck. The truck itself is the brainchild of the Czech Institute of Technology, known as "University Fab," and FabLab Brno. It embarks on journeys throughout Europe, and this year it made its first-ever visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Upon parking, the Fab Truck transforms into a fully equipped workshop, replete with cutting-edge machines for digital production. Visitors were treated to a captivating display of technology, including 3D printers, a laser cutter, a robotic arm, and numerous other tools that are integral to the realm of creativity and innovation. The representatives of the truck provided all visitors with the latest information on modern production and prototyping.

The event was organized by the FabLab BiH with support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Science in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the primary objective of promoting science and technology. Its aim was to raise awareness about the significance of technology and innovation for the future and prosperity of our society.

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