Final event "Resilience of Makerspaces in V4 and B&H" project

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming final event of the project "Resilience of Makerspaces in V4 and B&H (Maker #2)!” financed by Visegrad Fund on May 11th-12th, 2024 in Prague.

[FabLab BiH together with partner organizations FabLab Budapest, Fablab Bratislava, and MakerMore is finalising the project that will result in the launch of an interactive community platform that will serve as the central hub for makerspaces.

The platform will facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, projects, and education, allowing members to share experiences and explore opportunities for collaboration.

A two-day event in Prague will bring together makerspaces from the Visegrád Group (V4) region and Bosnia and Herzegovina for a workshop session led by experts in the field. This session will provide a structured environment for makerspaces to collaborate and share their ideas, as well as an opportunity to receive feedback and support from the experts.

FabLab BiH initiated the first Maker project, 'Maker Movement Establishment in BiH and Strengthening in the Visegrad Region 2021-2022,' which was supported by the international Visegrad Fund (governments of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland). The Maker platform serves as a unifying hub for entrepreneurs, small businesses, innovators, creators, clubs, associations, school sections, academic laboratories, manufacturers, artists, craftsmen, and all other forms of makers, facilitating their presentation, networking, and access to tools.

Project partners: FabLab Budapest, FabLab Bratislava, Robisz, and MakeMore

Funded by Visegrad Fund