Maker conference gathers interesting panelists from BiH and the world

The Maker Conference, which will be held on March 4 in Sarajevo at the Obala Meeting Point, will bring together eminent experts in the field of technology, innovation and business, who will be joined in three interesting panels by distinguished professors from the Universities of Tuzla, Zenica and Sarajevo, representatives of technology parks, innovation centers, education and youth centers, and other experts. The conference will also be supported by representatives of several foreign embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as ministers from relevant ministries.

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"Maker Conference is only the first in a series of activities that we have planned in the upcoming period, in terms of establishing and then strengthening the Maker Initiative in BiH. Our country is full of potential in the form of ideas for product development, innovation and creativity, but it lacks a little more support in order to presen this potential to the public and come to fruition. The Maker Initiative in BiH is aiming to support hard-working and creative individuals, innovative associations, crafts and micro companies to realize their potential," said Edin Škaljić, President of the Association FabLab BiH.

Distinguished foreign guests from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, who have been successfully working for years on networking and supporting makers of all profiles, will share their experiences from the Maker global community. The Association FabLab Bosna i Hercegovina, which is the organizer of this event, says: "We want to set in motion a community of makers and support them in accessing all the necessary tools and resources to better present their potential to the market and the public. With this, we are hoping to encourage their and the economic development of society, the start-up scene, and increase of interest in STEM areas of science in BiH. FabLab has developed a self-sustaining, open, free, B2B / B2C platform for makers, which is already active, and local makers can register their work today using video instructions and thus become part of the Maker movement. “

The project "Establishment of the Maker Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Strengthening in the Visegrad Region" was supported by International Visegrad Fund and implemented by FabLab Bosna i Hercegovina, in cooperation with partner organisations: Robisz.To (Poljska), FabLab Budapest (Mađarska), AGNICOLI (Slovačka), Make more (Češka).

Conference supported by QSS, 3D Republika, Web studio and media partners BHRT - Radio televizija Bosne i Hercegovine, Radio M and Federalna novinska agencija - FENA.