Workshop: 3D Printing and cultural-historical institutions with our special guests:

  1. Connecting 3D Printing and culture in BiH - Edin Skaljic (FabLab BiH Director)
  2. How to survive the COVID in the cultural heritage sector? - Andrea de Polo (Senior Consultant at AcrossLimits)
  3. Accessible Tangible User Interfaces in eXtended Reality Experiences for Cultural Heritage - Jorge Cardoso (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra
  4. s 3D the panacea for heritage conservation and valorisation? - Franco Niccolucci (VAST-LAB, PIN - U. of Florence Director, Scientific Coordinator ARIADNEplus, Technology Director 4CH
  5. 3D Printing at the Uni Zenica: Medieval tombstones in BiH (UNESCO heritage) - Kenan Varda, Ernad Beslagic (Teaching staff at University of Zenica)
  6. 3D souvenir printing - Neven Vlakic (Senior IT Officer at Archaeological museum Zadar)
  7. Digital heritage - from eXtended Reality to 3D print - Selma Rizvić (Sarajevo Graphics Group, faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo) RSVP is free but required in order to attend our events. enter link description here enter image description here

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