Vision, Mission and Our Values

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Our Vision

We want to encourage the growth of the tech, educational and creative sectors in BiH by helping to develop vital skills for the future and support the well-being of everyone who work with us. FabLab Bosnia and all future FabLabs aim to provide sustainable, innovative responses to the challenges of technology and community participation inaccessible environment in BiH.

Team at FabLab Bosnia strongly believes that people in BiH are the main actors in their development, favoring the capacity building over substitution and contribution to citizens life quality over practices that are not sustainable in the long term.

FabLab Bosnia is a non-profit organization.

FabLab Sarajevo is the first standalone FabLab in Bosnia.

FabLab Sarajevo has the experience and knowledge with a wide range of different backgrounds, necessary to conduct its activities properly and successfully. It places particular importance on effective leadership and seriousness in management believing that the future of technology and innovation in BiH must empower, not isolate.

FabLab Sarajevo will be striving to contribute to the creation of a fairer environment and more sustainable development in BiH!

Our Medium-Term Goal is to replicate model to other locations in BiH: Mostar, Banja Luka, Zenica, Tuzla… by establishing a cooperation with locally based partners.

Our Long-Term Goals are scaling up:

  • Repair Café,
  • Textile FabLab,
  • Energy & Green FabLab,
  • Bio FabLab,
  • Fab City.

FabLab Bosnia