First Fab in BiH - FabLab Sarajevo

“FabLab Sarajevo – is a technical prototyping platform for invention, collaboration and learning, and is created to inspire people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes.”

Our center of excellence (CoE) in Sarajevo – FabLab Sarajevo – is membership-based, demo center and powerhouse established in October 2020 packed with the technology, knowledge, and expertise required to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It is the first officially recognized FabLab in the country.

FabLab Sarajevo seeks to integrate relevant capabilities and encourage Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) cooperation with the wider research community and industry, as well as other public sector agencies, towards meaningful and impactful outcomes.

Engineering, research and development (R&D) is at the heart of FabLab Sarajevo capability development and, therefore, one of the top priorities. FabLab Sarajevo’s R&D activities span from biomedical sciences to physical sciences and engineering, at the same time extending capabilities into new domains (robots, bio, textile, circular economy, green) which create the opportunity for sustained growth.

As an innovation facilitator, FabLab Sarajevo encourages experimentation through new technologies such as AR/VR and AI.

FabLab Sarajevo unleashes the full potential of R&D and innovation to help our wider community and clients create prototypes and smart products, optimize manufacturing operations, and deliver new sources of value, allowing the rise of a sustainable Digital Fabrication Industry in the country.

We value our people most of all and consider having the right team around us as one of our key ‘tools’. The team consists of permanent staff and external experts, but we also have interns from different institutes and volunteers with various backgrounds and capabilities.

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